Do you hear a squealing noise once you hit your brakes make? Or your steering shakes when braking? Then you need to check your brakes. If your brakes are not functioning correctly, then you and others on the road run the risk of an accident.

That is where Al Ghassan will help you. At Al Ghassan, we provide a complete service for your brake works for your vehicle, giving you peace of mind when driving. Be it any brake service like new brakes installing, brake testing or brake servicing for your vehicle.

Even if you come for a routine oil change, we check your brakes as well. At Al Ghassan, we pride ourselves on not only providing top-quality and reliable brake service, auto repair work but also on the high criteria we set for transparency and good customer service.


Our certified technicians don’t just examine your brake pads, they check the brake fluid and rotors too, so as to ensure that your brakes are functioning as the way they should.

Some indicators of a brake problem include:

• Brake noises (squeaking or screeching)
• The need to push the brake harder than usual.
• Rumbling or vibration in the steering wheel
• A burning smell on applying brakes.

And if by any chance you are experiencing any of these signs in your vehicle, we are ready to help you because our experienced technicians know that brake functionality extends beyond brake pads.

Ready to schedule a brake service? We’re ready to hear from you. Call Al Ghassan today!