Did you notice your vehicle pulling you in any direction but straight? Potholes feel like canyons? All these are the indication that your suspension and steering need some tender loving care.

SUSPENSION: The vehicle’s suspension system helps to keep your tires firmly in touch with the road. It helps with braking and road handling and essential for a safe, smooth drive.

The suspension system is a complex system of components placed under the vehicle’s body to work collectively to absorb the shock from minor imperfections on the surface of the road and offer you a controlled, comfortable ride.

STEERING: Steering is one of the essential constituents when it comes to safe driving. Therefore if you notice any difficulties, no matter how small, you should get your vehicle checked as soon as possible. Steering faults can create knocking noises, poor handling, and also increases the stress and wear on other attached parts leading to a shorter vehicle life, lesser driving satisfaction, and added unnecessary repair costs.


At Al Ghassan, our skilled certified steering technicians are ready to evaluate the condition of your steering system and if necessary, conduct a full power steering fluid flush to clean it out and return it to the initial functionality. We use the best quality power steering system cleaners and power steering fluid for these procedures. Also, we’re ready to provide your vehicle with new steering fluid that meets the manufacturer’s standards. If there is another, more severe problem with your steering pump or belt, our professionals can provide you with repair choices for that as well. We also offer a complete steering and suspension service by thoroughly inspecting your vehicle for wear or damage.

If you find that you are having difficulties steering there are a few things that could be wrong with your vehicle:

• Steering vibrates while accelerating or maintaining speed
• Heavy or stiff steering wheel
• Reduced brake efficiency
• Squealing or Groaning noises when you turn the wheel
• Erratic steering assistance
• Difficulties steering
• Reduced road holding
• Increased wear on tires
• Driver discomfort
• Hearing a sound while going over minor road defects, such as bumps or potholes.

If you notice any of these problems, it is essential that you have your steering and suspension inspected by a specialist as soon as possible.

Our foremost priority is your safety when driving your vehicle. When looking at your vehicle’s suspension, our professionals will check for :

• Play (movement) in your wheels, both physically and visually.
• If the coil springs are working correctly and if the dampers are turning freely.
• Bounce on your vehicle for the shocks.
• Investigate the rubber bushes to guarantee they are not worn down.

For years, our expertly trained auto repair professionals have been changing the way our customers think about car service. We’re ready to assess the Steering condition of your vehicle, advise you about the repair options, and assure that you feel safe about getting back on the road soon.

The first step is to a better Steering and Suspension starts here. Take an appointment Al Ghassan today.