Have you noticed when you are driving on a flat or straight road your car tends to go left or right, or your tires are wearing abnormally? Then, these are the signs that indicate a Wheel Alignment or Wheel Balancing issue with your vehicle. If not solved these can not only be a nuisance to your driving comfort but a more significant problem for your wheels.

Al Ghassan is a one-stop shop for any Wheel alignment or Wheel Balancing troubles your vehicle is experiencing.

Most of people have a preconception that Wheel balancing is same as wheel alignment but both are different services that benefit your vehicle and tyres in different ways. Wheel misalignment will affect the handling and safety of your vehicle and also lead to uneven tyre wear.


Al Ghassan experts offer a precision wheel balancing service to ensure your wheels are balanced to match your vehicle’s initial specification. This provides a more accurate balance that ultimately produces a smoother ride and a more economical tyre performance. Our certified Wheel- Alignment & Balancing expert technicians utilize the latest computerized alignment technology to detect misalignments or balancing as small as one-tenth of a degree, allowing them to get your car’s alignment back to the initial manufacturer settings.

Ensuring Proper Wheel Alignment: We inspect your car for symptoms of wheel alignment trouble as a part of our courtesy inspection. Even subtle changes can cause irregular wheel wear and steal your valuable investment of thousands of miles. Your alignment might still have an issue even if you haven’t noticed any signs or damage. Wheels that are made to be worn evenly, and uneven tire wear can endanger them and require premature replacement.

It should always be kept in mind that Wheel Alignment and Balancing is a necessary maintenance service throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. It’s essential that you inspect your vehicle’s wheels regularly for signs of uneven damage, and ask for an alignment adjustment every time you replace them.

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