Regardless of how excellent or how little you drive, tires eventually do wear down over time, and this can cause:
· A weight imbalance.
· The steering wheel to shimmy and shake.
· Uneven and premature wear to tyres
· Poorer fuel economy
· Worn wheel bearings
· Vibration to the vehicle’s steering
· Issues to the suspension system



The wheel balancing is to assure the weight of the wheel is even around the axle. Our trained wheel balancing technicians at Al Ghassan use a specialist wheel balancing machine which rotates each wheel. This calculates the weight and location of counterweights required. These are then placed perfectly in position. Despite advanced rubber compounds and manufacturing processes, even new tyres need to be balanced sometimes.

At Al Ghassan, we highly recommend balancing the wheels of your vehicle, because serious issues can occur from unevenly balanced wheels and probably be far more expensive problems in the long run. Our qualified technicians can verify these issues quickly and give a wide range of premium tyres and associated parts to fit in your vehicle. We also offer competitive wheel balancing rates and will match or beat any written quote. We stock an extensive array of parts and can have others delivered within an hour, so these repairs can be made on the same day. With regular balancing, you will get the wear out of your new tyres and experience the best performance. Our team are happy to guide you on how often and when this should be done.

Getting your wheels balanced with Al Ghassan means:
Smoother ride
Reduced strain on suspension
Better tyre wear
Saves you money in the long run

Broken down with a tyre which is destroyed beyond repair? You can rely on our experienced team.